Friday, 5 August 2011


I am an excited bunny!  I've decided that I need to get my creative juices flowing again.  I need to stretch myself a bit more than just making fabric doodles.  At the moment an idea comes into my head, I sketch it quickly - more to work out how to construct it than anything else - and then I cut it out and sew it together.

One apect I have always loved of all the courses and workshops I've done over the years, is making sketchbooks.  So, I have decided to join in with Gina and her merry band and play along with her colour sketchbook project for the summer.

Kiddie and I are off on a Bongo adventure but I have packed a tool kit with bits and bobs to paint and draw with while we're on our travels.

  I opened my box of paints and inks and pastels this morning and was so excited.  Just the smell alone was fab.  I'm itching to get going.

First off Gina has got us colouring our pages to save us from the terror of PLAIN WHITE PAGES!!!

A wash of runny acrylic onto wet paper then a sheet of cling film laid on top til it dries and 'bobs your uncle'  A lovely textured, delicately coloured double spread all ready to get drawing.

The other sketchbookers are now up to stage 4 so I have some catching up to do.  I'll post photos of my progress while I'm away if possible.  If not, be prepared for a photo-heavy post when I return in 10 days.


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