Thursday, 28 July 2011

Red Alert!!!

Having a bad day?  What do you do?  That was the question I posed on Facebook last night.  I was totally cheesed off.  Having had 2 years of redundancy, temporary jobs and general financial uncertainty we thought OH had finally got a job that would last.  But on Monday night he came home faced with the possibility that his currently employer may well be going 'to the wall'.  And this when I'm trying to set up on my own and therefore no guaranteed income for months.  I'm going to have to look for work again.  Not easy when the only thing I've done in the last 12 years is a bit of teaching (unqualified so unrepeatable) and shop work.

Enough to drive anybody to drink?  People also recommended pizza, chips, ice cream, cups of tea and a good cry.  (I've just realised noone mentioned chocolate...)  Anyway I did none of those things.  Instead I hit another sort of bottle...

...the hair dye bottle.  One thing guaranteed to change my mood is a drastic change to my hair colour.  Below is a 'before' photo from the craft fair a couple of weeks ago just to show the change.

Hee hee hee.  I LOVE it!!!  I managed not to cover the entire bathroom in dye either.  Result!

What else have we been doing over the last few days?  Well a mass clearout and tidy up is in full swing.  Kiddie wants to make some spending money for Disney in October and I want her bedroom sorting out before she starts 'big school' so she can do homework up there.  So, black bin bags are multiplying, not just in her room, but all around the house.  I've joined in with a throw out of unworn clothes, jewellery and anything else that's not been worn, read or used in the last few months.
Next Wednesay is D-Day or rather CB-Day.  We're doing a car boot sale to flog it all so fingers crossed for dry weather.
I'm going to sort through everything first and some will be listed on ebay, which I'll link to from here when it's up and running.

I've also been 'doing a Nigella' with a spot of Domestic Goddess style baking.  Jane Brocket's  book The Gentle Art of Domesticity is a favourite book of mine.  I bought it 'cause the pictures are so gorgeous, but I actually use it quite a lot.  A sort of modern-day Mrs Beeton.
These little dollops of scrumptiousness are her Vanilla Oaty Biscuits.  Sooooo easy to make I can do 'em and they never go wrong.  I made double quantities as I knew they wouldn't last.

The book is a fab mix of quilting and cooking and knitting and pictures and sewing and just general OOOH.

And I don't know why I've tagged a picture of this chap on the end of the post.  I just like him and he hasn't made an appearance anywhere yet but already he has been rehomed.  He now lives with my sister-in-law.  Belated Happy Birthday S.  x x x

Have a great day wherever you are and whatever you're doing.  I'm off job hunting.  Wish me luck.


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